Dec-3-2010   New PLAYER AWARDS Are Here!
New Player Awards, Trophies, and Achievements Added to ''!
  • Earn Awards, Trophies, and Achievements
    Earn bragging rights, share your awards with your friends. Use other players' awards pages to select your next opponent.
  • Use Awards to Express Yourself Specialize in building certain kinds of card sets that say something about you. Become a Dragonmaster, an Elf Friend, or a Black Magus!
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Nov-1-2010   New CHAT WINDOW!
New CHAT WINDOW Added to ''!
  • Invite Your Friends! Click the INVITE envelope to invite a friend to a game!
  • Taunt Your Enemies! Revenge is a dish best served cold! Rub their face in it with a snide quip when you trample their forces!
  • Chat with Multiple Friends at Once
    Chat with up to five friends simultaneously, manage your chats by clicking the chat tabs with your friend's avatar image in the tab.
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Oct-10-2010   New FIND FRIENDS Feature is Here!
New FIND FRIENDS Feature Added to ''!
  • Choose your opponent! Click 'FIND FRIENDS' and select the player you want to play!
  • It has never been easier to amp up your Rating!
    It used to take forever to get your Rating up to 1600... Now, just challenge the player with the best Elo Rating to a game, and your Rating will spike instantly!
  • More Powerful Card Set Runs! We have dramatically increased the Card Set Bonus for three card runs and four card runs (A-K-Q-Kn). It is now possible to get card sets worth more than 100!
  • Speed Matching Still Available. If you liked the classic 'speed matching' feature where the server picks your opponent for you, just click 'Random Player'.
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Sep-22-2010   New Version of Dark Summoning!
New Video Game Software Released to ''!
  • New Combat Engine!
  • More Dramatic Results. Damage distribution has been reshaped to be less of a bell curve... Luck casts a larger shadow over the results!
  • Fortune favors the bold! You may find a little extra 'something something' in your damage results as the attacker.
  • Card Decks Rebalanced. We rebalanced the Demonic, Magick, and Quest card decks so that they stand a better chance against the 'I Want it All' deck.
  • New Options. It is now possible to resign a game without logging out.
  • Lots of Bugfixes. Thank you to the alpha test team for all the helpful and detailed feedback.
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Aug-24-2010   New Dark Summoning User Interface!
By Popular Demand: New User Interface for ''!
You've been asking for changes, and we listened! Take a look at the new features we're offering...
  • Card deal animation!
  • Click once to Attack! ('Attack' button submits.)
  • The 'Submit' button is now the 'Deal' button.
  • Set totals! See the total value of all your sets.
  • New Level Indicator! Set builder area now has a level indicator, telling you the card set's value while you're building it.
  • Better manage your cards! It is now possible to hide cards that are not selectable. Card set runs are highlighted (parchment color). Also Undo your current move. (See under "options").
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Aug-12-2010   New Player Avatar Images Are Here!
Now Available: New Player Avatar Images in ''
Get online now and select your player avatar image! Our player avatar image selection has grown to 144 images, and we are still accepting player submissions. Thanks to all the players who submitted avatar images! Thanks also to the contributing artists who loaned us their talent!
Submit art (and receive terms and conditions) here...
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Aug-7-2010   Wizards, Submit Your Artwork for Player Avatar Images!
We are Adding New Player Avatar Images to ''
Send us your jpegs, bitmaps, gifs, png files depicting how you want your player avatar to appear in the Dark Summoning video game. Our staff will embed the artwork in the video game, and make it available for your selection.
Personalize the game for yourself! Make it fun! Use player avatar images to play out private jokes against your favorite nemesis! (Btw, don't think I haven't noticed that one of you created a player named 'erickiller', LOL.)
Submit art (and receive terms and conditions) by emailing us at...
Player Avatar Image
Jul-12-2010   Wizards, Choose Your Deck!
Now Available: Multiple Decks To Choose From in ''
Wizards, choose from four NEW card decks...
QUEST DECK (Dwarves, Elves, and Dragons)
DEMONIC DECK (Demons, Spirits, Orcs)
MAGICK DECK (Angels, Faeries, Elves)
the 'I WANT IT ALL' DECK (over 1200 cards!)
Click 'Options', then 'Settings', and CHOOSE YOUR DECK!
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Jun-28-2010   Elo Rating System Pushed LIVE to ''!
Now Available: Elo Rating System for ''
Now Dark summoning now uses the Elo Rating System to rate and rank players. Variants of the Elo Rating System are also used by the USCF and the FIDE to rate chess players.
Fear not, brave Wizards! The Elo Rating System is commonsensical, straightforward, and more fair than Dark Summoning's previous rating system. For more information on the Elo Rating System, click here.
Jun-12-2010   Improved Combat Animation Pushed LIVE to ''!
Now Available: Improved Animation of Combat Results for ''
You wanted a more detailed description of how the combat engine arrives at its results, and here it is!
Watch animations of your card sets marching into battle against opponent card sets.
Learn from detailed combat results as card sets are eliminated.
See the final confrontation as your card sets converge on your wizard opponent!
May-26-2010   New Combat Engine Pushed LIVE to ''!
Now Available: New Combat Engine for ''
Check out the new combat engine. Wipe the floor with your favorite adversaries! Watch your user rating grow as enemy after eneny falls at your feet!
May-3-2010   Hints, Tips, Tricks, and Help Content for ''
Now Available: Hints, Tips, Tricks, and Help Content for ''
You've asked for it, and we listened.
To watch a slide show on how to play the game click here.
To see the Help Index, click here.
Mar-19-2010   Baduenna Software Announces 'Dark Summoning' Alpha Cycle!
We are pleased to announce the launch of the '' website and alpha cycle!
Dark Summoning, the new free online fantasy card game, is currently in Alpha development and testing. Alpha testers are welcome. Development, test, and design will be ongoing and iterative. Your feedback is crucial! Send feedback to...
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